Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Male Items

There are several new male items out there - and they aren't just T-shirts and jeans (as I have heard several of the men that come to shop and hunt complain about) - so I picked a couple to share with you.
Outfit - Casual Grunge - Rain Rain by ~Shadow Moon~ includes MESH Jacket in 4 Sizes, Tank, Jeans with Sculpted Cuffs, Linen Skater Shoes and Umbrella with Pose (this is available for 1L in the iTouch Get the Newb hunt - going on June 3-30th - looking for a yellow gummy bear)
Skin - +++ 8 designe +++ KING  skin
Shape - [dirty.little.secret] :: adam shape ::
Tattoo - Touch Me complete Makeup (hearts under eye tattoo) - June group gift
Eyes - VerseEye - Mesh - Allora - Bronze - Large

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