Friday, June 8, 2012

1st Shopping Trip to Designers Showcase

I went shopping today - found several items I thought might look good for my Motorcycle ride from Designers Showcase, and I think I was right!
Black Denim Trio Outfit - Includes 3 Styles of Tops and the Jeans from Carrasco's (75L)
Amanda BlkPat-Red Boots come with an Alpha Layer from Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes (79L)
Serenity Skin by Style by Kira (75L)
All these Items above can be found at Designers Showcase
Motorcycle is The Rumble From Deep South Choppers
Earrings Shown are by :: ZEPHYR :: - Double Drop Earrings Polka Dot - Black/Red (exclusive item for The Retreat)
Hair - Free EdelStore  woman hair " Bila " majestic

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  1. Hey! That is a hot look! Thanks for using Serenity like this! It is a style I would not have done on my own and this is exactly why I love to see my skins on other people. It gives me ideas and inspires me. Thanks again! <3