Monday, June 25, 2012

Angel Meets Devil Hunt - Male Items

Thes are just a few of the Male items found in the Angel Meets Devil Hunt. It is worth the looking for these fabulous gifts! The starting location is Bees Heaven Shop. You are looking for a pair of wings.
This outfit from ~Shadow Moon~ includes MESH Cross Shirt, Tattoo, Jeans and Shoes
Skin - Glamourissime skin - Geoffrey
Shape - [BND] Jonny-Shape
Hair - Hairoin - Darby - Abyss

This outfit from Cupcake Clothing includes Shirt, Jeans and Shoes
Skin and Shape as mentioned above.
Hair as mentioned below.
SHIRT ONLY! Shirt comes in all layers by Wyldflower
Hair - Audacity - Taye - Night
Skin & Shape - same as above

Shirt and Jeans by Kimba's Boutique
Serenity sexy lover shirt - SHIRT ONLY
Skin, Shape and Hair

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