Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Cart Sale

Are you ready for Halloween? We are! Super cute Carts to rent to share your wares!

Come join us for our first Halloween Cart Sale. Meet SL designers and make some lindens while showing visitors your wares.

The only requirements we have are; one of your items must be seasonal, one must be under 50L and one must be 10L, and that you make sure to enjoy yourself.

Get your cart today.

50L for a 10prim Cart
75L for a 15prim Cart
100L for a 20prim Cart

The Halloween Cart sale is being organized by:
Cupcake Clothing - Maggie Fanbridge
Kimba's Boutique - Kimba Lockjaw
~Shadow Moon~ - Candy Nizna

Confirmed Vendors:
Snow Sweetwater - Snow Bound
MargeKinson - The Art Shed
Mikayla Ares - mi pop
Trina Stromfield-  Unforgettable Temptations Textures
Jaysee Netizen - Sugar & Cyanide
Kaffe McMahon - Sirens Stones
Brandy Birge - Brandy's Boutique
Delinda Abbot - Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hinako - Hinako Hair Shop
Dezzy Melody  - The Mewling Mad Modder
Kahuan Chrome - Chrome Armory
Ivy Burner - Sassy!
Sira Savira - 1 Hundred.

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