Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cupcake Clothing Featured Store

Cupcake Clothing is one of those stores you just get lost in because there are so many things you want to buy! And at her prices - you can afford to get pretty much everything you want.

Even if you're short on Lindens$, you can still get some great stuff from the Midnight Mania Board, try your luck at the Lucky Cupcake....


...or one of the awesome prizes from Monthly Hunts.

I have the pleasure of being a good friend to this designer, Maggie Fanbridge, and had her answer a few questions for me.

How long have you been in SL? It will be my three year anniversary on September 25th, 2012

When did you realize you wanted to become a designer? When I first joined SL it was never my intention to design clothes but you need to earn a living in this game if you want to be able to have any fun so I gave in when a box was placed in front of me and was told to fill it. **I have to mention - that Maggie was a bit relunctant to do anything in game, my RL hubby gave her the box and said "fill it" - it took her almost 3 months of us telling her how awesome she could be if she just tried - "I'm a lazy person" she kept telling us - In spite of all this, she succeeded in becoming a great designer!

How would you describe your design style? I would say it is fresh and fun.
Maggie Fanbridge - Wearing her September Group Gift (Cupcake Track Jacket)

Where do you get your design inspiration? My sister is an artist and I do tend to get inspiration from her artwork. She has a way of making everyday things into something I could see being on a t-shirt or hoodie. It gives me the push I need to get creative.

Anything else you would like to share? The reason I am still making clothes in SL is due to some tough love from family and friends. I tend to give up on things (early on) but every time I try they just encourage me to keep going. **I am glad we are friends :)

How long has your store been open? Three years

What type of store would you say it was? Hmm, I would say cutesy.

Who is your target customer? Hard to say, I really don’t target anyone with my clothes. I just want everyone including newbies to be able to have some nice items at a reasonable price.

Have you always had the same store name? If not, can you tell me the reason for name changes? You know I think I may have had a store called sexy something, I think it had bitch in the title, yikes…however  I would consider this name (Cupcake Clothing) to be the one that really stuck and I have used it ever since.

 What were the first items you sold? The first items were mostly tank tops; they were pretty cute and are still available in my store. **I can say they were and are cute! I love the tank top she made me for my birthday (one of the first items she made)

New releases? Wouldn’t you like to know….I am working on some as we speak.

Are you currently involved in weekly sales, discount fairs, or expos? Well I have just updated my store but I hope to be involved in things like that in the very near future.

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